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Introduction to Cryptography

Max Ciotti 29 Sep 2012

Cryptography is becoming increasingly relevant to modern living. It stands silently beneath our feet, unknown to us, yet supporting as we run about on its surface. If it even were to have a small discontinuity in itself, somebody would eventually trip over it and take a hit. It is the job of cryptographers, cryptanalysts, and engineers to create, inspect, and perfect this surface so that all may freely use it without fear of falling.

I plan to research cryptography’s beginnings and its development through time, highlighting examples of good (secure) and bad (insecure) cryptographic implementations. I will then use this knowledge of past examples to analyze modern cryptographic uses, mostly within the fields of computer engineering, data communication or information technology, and cyber security. Lastly I would like to peek into the future of secure communication, how upcoming technologies can vastly improve privacy, or conversely, remove it entirely.

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